Mr. Murphy has been retained as a party appointed arbitrator on multiple occasions in cases where the contract requires a current or former insurance company executive. In addition, he has been selected as the neutral arbitrator in an insured v. carrier dispute. This experience allowed him the unusual experience of being the party to whom evidence was presented, rulings on admissibility were made and a decision was rendered.


Mediation can be defined as an essential process which, with the assistance of a trained mediator, allows parties in dispute to talk face to face about issues on which they differ without interruption for as long as necessary to resolve their differences. Mr. Murphy has successfully completed 40 hours of mediation training resulting in certification as a mediator. In his opinion, many experienced mediators have forgotten or abandoned the essential process needed to bring the parties together. Mr. Murphy will offer a rejuvenated approach to mediation emphasizing the fundamentals of the essential process.


Jack Murphy

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